Monday, August 16, 2010

Having Fun Flying With Kelly Rae Roberts

This is a mixed media painting I just completed using techniques I learned from Kelly Rae Roberts' book Taking Flight. I am loving this book! It is a fun read, full of great mixed media techniques and also shares ways to feed your soul through the creative process. Even though I am just a beginner it was easy to understand. If you haven't read it already do pick up a copy!

This was my first time doing a collage background. And I also used distressed inks for the first time. Love the effect they give. I am pretty pleased at how she came out. I am looking forward to trying another one! So fun!


  1. You did a great job; I love her....and isn't it fun exploring new techniques?

    I love Kelly's book too....I refer to it frequently....

    Have a great Monday...

  2. Her lips and rosy cheeks are so welcoming. Nice job...even though I don't know the particulars of mixed media art. I know what I like! :-)

  3. Hi Cathy,
    I wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog with the Versatile Blogger Award ;)
    I think your blog is lovely therefore, I thought you deserved the award.
    Visit my blog to read about it.

  4. Hi Cathy. I too have her book and find it quite inspiring. You did a great job.I love it. Just popped in to say, have a great week.

  5. Cathy, she is beautiful! I love the hair too!!
    It was fun emailing with you, glad you are as obsessed as I am with this creative process:-)

  6. I love your sweet painting - particularly the quizzical tilt of her head. I have immediately placed a hold for this book at my local library. I hope to look through it and perhaps begin my own mixed media project over labor day weekend.

  7. Love it Cathy--I've been reading the same book too, and am also inspired to do something from it. Love yours AND--a BIG congrats on your 2 awards!!