Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NYC in Black and White . . .

Last summer my husband took me to dinner in the city for my 40th birthday. We have been to the city many times as we live not too far away up in the burbs. I always bring my camera when we are there because I love to take pictures of the city sites. These photos were taken that evening in color and I digitally altered them in black and white. I think black and white makes pictures look timeless. I love the look of it. So as you can see, here is the Empire State Building peeking through the trees and tall buildings.

This one was taken just outside of Grand Central Station (GCS) . . .

And another near GCS . . .

This shot of the Chrysler Building was taken a couple of weeks ago when we went to the city to see a show for my 41st birthday!

Have you ever been to NYC? Do you take pictures in black and white or color? Which is your fave?


  1. I love New York!! I have family there and I love the hustle and bustle...but then there are quaint, quiet places too!...As to the photos, I love both color and black and white. These are fabulous!!

  2. Mr. C took me for a week several years ago and since then and I was surprised at how much I love it. The Chrysler building is my favorite! Manhattan has a special energy to it that is intoxicating. Your black and white photos are timeless and fabulous. Happy belated birthday...

  3. Gorgeous!! the photos are stunning and brilliant..especially the last one! happy birthday!!! Lovely inspiring post!

  4. i love your black & white photos. i always want to try b&w, but i chicken out at the last minute. these are really wonderful shots, the chrysler building is one of my favorites. thanks for visiting us! i'll be back!

  5. I have never been to NYC but when I think of the music that influenced me, the style I love, the building design I admire and the real actors and artists I have respect for, it all points back to The City.
    Always dreamed of living there, even for a short while.
    The B&W photos are perfect because no matter what changes, New York is a completely timeless city.

    Anne...who used to shoot, process and print in B&W, with film, the old fashioned way! Some things need color, but B&W....Mmmmmmm....timeless!

  6. Hi Cathy. No I have never been to NYC, one day though. I love those b/w pictures. You did a great job with them. Happy late Birthday to you. Hope you have many more. Thanks for sharing.

  7. We were in NYC a couple of months ago for a long weekend.....had fun going to several plays and just tootling around...great place to has so much energy.....

    Your pictures are great...I love black and white and I love color...just depends on the subject and my and white seem more timeless.....

    Happy Birthday...

  8. Hi Cathy!
    I have been to NYC quite awhile ago now. The Chrysler building is one of my very favorite buildings anywhere. I have always loved it!
    Beautiful pictures...I always shoot color.
    Perhaps some experimenting with black & white is on the horizon for me. Hugs, Diane