Monday, August 23, 2010

Sunday Sketching . . .

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Yesterday it was a rainy day here in NY so I got out my sketchbook and here she is! I used a dark gray colored pencil and outlined some areas with a Pitt artist pen. I use a Q-tip to smudge the pencil...comes in handy for shading.

She is different from my other faces and I like her. She is cute and I love her big eyes! I have been wanting to try eyelashes. And this is the first time I drew a nose and did not connect it with the eyebrows and I like it. I wonder what she will look like painted? Hmmmmm . . . that may come next!

Any suggestions for transferring a sketch to canvas? I know if I try to replicate her free hand it won't come out the same. Strange how that happens! But I guess that's part of what makes art original!


  1. Hi Cathy~

    Happy Monday to you! reading your post on my blog made me miss New York soo much... my husband's family is from there and we haven't been up for fall in sometime... favorite time of year!

    Love your girl here... I always take a charcoal pencial and go over the image real good one time, flip the paper over and then go over it on the other side... works best with tracing paper. Good Luck! Love her...super cute!

    Enjoy your day!

  2. I love her eyes too! Can't wait to see her painted, if you do it...But I like her the way she is too! :-)

  3. Great job Cathy! I think drawing is so fun and relaxing! You're doing GREAT!

  4. I like her. I think she looks great. Try taking carbon paper and redrawing over the picture onto canvas. That might work. In fact I'm thinking of doing that with one of my paintings. Have a great week and keep having fun. Drawing and painting are very relaxing. Take care.

  5. good job...i am afraid of eyelashes, i LOVE them, but they always look so dorky on my girls...your.s turned out beautiful.
    mati rose mcdonough showed me how to use transfer paper to copy images. it.s easy peasy. just set it down transfer side on your canvas, then place your girl over the transfer paper and lightly trace over her with a pencil, (but heavy enough to have the markings show on your canvas obviously)
    can.t wait to see how she paints up.


  6. She's so cute.....and endearing...can't wait to see what you do with her.....She's very innocent looking.....I love all your drawings.....

  7. The transfer paper method is very easy. Another way is to cut her out and spray some fixative on her (so she won't smudge) and then collage her on your background surface with gel medium. It makes for wonderful dimension when you blend her in and then add elements over her also.