Monday, July 23, 2012

Remembering Bliss . . .

In all of the craziness that is life lately I find myself looking to the past.  I find myself looking for memories of happy times, of blissful moments.  

I do realize that all of the looking back distracts us from the present moment.  What I did find though is that sometimes it can help sustain us.  It can give us focus, something to look forward to. 

I was searching through my iphoto albums on Saturday morning looking for a couple of images to use for digital collage.  What I stumbled upon was this photo.  It was taken on my birthday back in July of 2008.  I look at this and feel the happiness and bliss that I clearly remember from that moment.  We were out in Newport.  I  had just lost my Dad to cancer a month prior and was heartbroken.  Lou surprised me with a weekend away in one of my favorite places for my birthday.  It was just the thing I needed, that we needed.

I was able to feel happiness in the midst of all my pain.  

I plan on framing this photo and keeping it in our living room where I can be inspired by this moment everyday . . . 


  1. It does look like a perfect moment!!!Happy Birthday this July...hope you find moments of love and celebration!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Real sweetness, here, Cathy. Yes, sometimes we do need to review happier times in order to move forward. Thanks for the reminder. ;->

  3. So beautiful my friend, you always touch my heart with your words and your art!

  4. This is a touching photo.
    I believe your eyes express all that you went through in that picture...

  5. This is a beautiful photo, Cathy. We need to plaster those kinds of pictures all over our homes - they bring so much joy.

  6. That is a beautiful memory Cathy. Even through the sadness. xo