Sunday, January 1, 2012

Her Mind Was Filled With Hopes And Dreams . . .

'Flower Girl Dreams'

Happy New Year my sweet friends!! It was a quiet NYE in our house. Lou and I just laid low at home and watched the ball drop in Times Square. This has been a tradition of our for a while now. I hope wherever you were it was a wonderful night!

Its quite hard to believe another year has passed. 2011 was a very tough year for me filled with much loss. Rather than dwell on that I want to focus on the new year which always holds such possibility and hope.

I have been thinking of my word for the year. I have seen many of you do this and it has inspired me to choose one for the first time! The past year I was filled with alot of worry and anxiety. Some of it was related to circumstances and the rest of it is just how I am. I long to live more in the moment. Although it seems like with each loss that comes along I loose a bit of myself and sink deeper into anxiety with only my creativity to help me out.

So my word for this year is . . .

I am actually a bit scared sharing this out loud fearing (there's that word again!) that I cannot live up to the challenge. (this is why I never make resolutions! too much pressure!) But all I can do is try. So try I will!

Yesterday I created this new digital collage using the same sketch from my last post along with two of my textured photos. I LOVE this one! I so enjoyed creating this. It feels like painting to me without all the mess!

I look at her and she reminds me of myself. Her mind looks very busy but filled with hopes,dreams, and beauty. I will let her inspire me to fill my mind with only good things.

Wishing you all peace, love, happiness, and hope . . .



  1. I'm so heartened that you made this your word for the year. Will you live up to it, will it live up to you? It will and so will you. Why? Because my dearest just waking up every day and getting out of bed shows that you are fearless. The way you keep expanding and expressing yourself with your art is fearless. You are fearless already in many ways and I'm certain you haven't recognized them. Perhaps a good way to begin the year is to keep a journal of fearlessness and jot down each day ways in which you have been fearless. As you move through the year I expect you will surprise yourself at how fearless you are and the day will come when you will be able to own it and accept it and that I would say would be the goal for the year with your word. You are already on your way fearless lady!! xo

  2. Lovely piece Cathy! Wishing you a wonderful 2012!!!

  3. Happy NEW Year Cathy!

    Lovely works, keep on with these beauties, I love them!!

  4. oh wow, cathy, i love her! great job, you art just grows and grows...

    yes, you can be fearless, in your art, you really are, really!

    i love you girlfriend and hope 2012 is a year that you learn that the only thing to fear is fear itself! simple, but oh so true. and massages help with anxiety too, so go get one!


  5. Hello Cathy!!!! What a beautiful new piece and your post was such a great read.....Love your word for the year....what a great focus and to use one word as your word of the year....great idea!!!!

    Wishing you all the best in 2012!!!! Happy New Year!!!

  6. Welll your latest is my most favourite favourite of yours! She is lovely.

    I found myself unable to step out of my anxieties and fears last year. It took a major event to shake me up and enable me to start again. Really embrace that word FEARLESS ok!!

  7. Cathy, this is a lovely collage. I chuckled at your word ... I'm not sure I've ever been fearless, but I keep marching on.

    What I love about the one word project is that we all get to learn from one another.

    Best to you in 2012.

  8. what a great word for the year! and you are! love these sketches!

  9. What a great post. I hope 2012 brings you so many unexpected blessings and surprises. Beautiful piece. Hugs :)

  10. happy new year, fearless one!

  11. lovely collage
    fearless sounds like a lovely companion for the year
    i can only imagine that you will have endless insights and wisdom delivered to you through this words magic

    lovely 2012 to you~

  12. This is beautiful Cathy! Happy and healthy new year to you and yours!