Thursday, December 29, 2011

Digital Collage Play . . . She Dreams of Being Free

"She Dreams of Being Free"

Ok so late last night I opened up photoshop and started to play. And man was it cool! I took an image of one of my butterfly mixed media paintings, a textured photo, a favorite sketch of mine and layered them. I played with blending modes, opacity, saturation, and the eraser for the push/pull of bringing different aspects of each piece through.

I was so in a moment and felt as though I was working on a painting. I have always admired digital collage and months ago made a few attempts but nothing I really was that happy with. This was the first one in which I decided to utilize a painting along with one of my sketches. I LOVE how this turned out! I may have discovered a new way to incorporate my sketches into my art! You know how I always say I am afraid to paint my faces? Well to me this sketch now looks as though it is in a painting!

I am hoping to spend more time trying a few others like this. I will be sure to share with you!
Wishing you all a creative night!


  1. Exciting!! I have PhotoShop too and find it to be so difficult to work with. Way to go!! I know how challenging this can be. Your results are super cool.

  2. Nicely done! Collages are fun and they can be beautiful if done correctly. Oh I wish I knew how to use photoshop :(
    Happy New Year!!! See you in 2012.

  3. i am so excited for you too, cathy! i remember some of my very first collages when i was finally able to encorporate my new painting endeavors!
    this piece is just stunning, everything about it,i love and you know i just dig your colors, esp. this combination.

  4. I LOVE this Cathy!! I have PhotoShop too, but I'm lost--can you come over and show me??
    Keep going with these--truly stunning!

  5. Well done.
    Wishing you a very happy New Year

  6. Very cool, I'm lost when it comes to photoshop. Wishing you a happy 2012!