Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Adding A Burst of Color To My Sketch

'you can see love'

Ok so I am pretty addicted to this digital collage thing! This time I took one of my whimsical sketches you may recognize from a previous post and collaged my watercolor painting over it. I played with layers, opacity, and that eraser tool till I was happy with it.

I love the results! Its pretty cool how I was able to add all this color to a black and white sketch! Looks like it was a painting. I thought the drips at the top were perfect with the rain drops in this sketch. Fun!

In other news I just signed up for Misty Mawn's new online workshop "Open Studio"! I missed her workshop last year so this time it was a no brainer for me! I have wanted to take a class with Misty for some time now. I am excited to get started! I just hope I can tear myself away from photoshop! lol ;)



  1. Happy New Year to you Cathy. Love your piece. Your colors are always so soft. Very nicely done. Enjoy the week and have a wonderful year!! Yay!!

  2. Oh!! I'm excited that you signed up for Misty's class (keep me informed :)
    And you are so right about this digital art--I thought you painted it--I love what you've done!