Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Totally Frivolous Purchase . . . Some Coach Love :)

First I want to thank everyone who commented on my last post. It was a difficult sketch to share but the warm responses you all left meant so much.

Today I wanted to share a completely girly post (sorry guys!) and show off my new Coach bag! Now I am not one who spends tons of money on shoes or handbags. At this point in my life I would rather buy art supplies. Having said that there was no way I could pass this up!

Lou and I were out shopping over the weekend and this cute bag caught my eye. I love the colors, the graffiti pattern, and the hearts! What I loved even more was finding out it was on clearance for 50% off! Typically when I shop I go through all the stores find stuff I like and then leave with nothing only to return a few days later to discover the items are gone.

At first I walked away from it, we shopped, came back and it was still there. Lou had to nudge me to buy it. So I caved! When I was at the checkout the cashier gave me a 20% off coupon so it was 70% off!! I love a good sale!! Actually this was a great sale!

What was your last frivolous purchase? Do tell!!


  1. I love your frivolous purchase! If I had been there, I sure would have wanted to cave. The only difference is that my hubby would NOT nudge me to buy it! He'd say "Do you really need another purse?" LOL He knows my weaknesses!! Purses and shoes! I love it though and don't ya love it when you get more off at checkout? Bonus!!!

  2. I can see why this one called your name...art work and hearts all over it! :-) My last frivolous purchase was a certain girl painting! :-)

  3. Great bag!!! Love it!! I'm also into purses and shoes!! : ))

  4. This is beautiful and I'm so happy it's yours! My last frivolous purchase was a sterling silver thumb ring with the name of Sophia (granddaughter) on it. I can't wait to get it.

    Your post, below, is such a touching and moving one and that took courage Cathy but I'm happy that you felt like you could share it with us. Art does heal and it's quite a journey - we slip and fall along the way but it sure does help us get back up doesn't it?

    Love your new banner! xxoo

  5. That was a really great deal, Cathy. :) No shopping for me lately. Appart from books. And I do love a good deal on books. :)

  6. I'm the Queen of the Frivolous Purchase...well okay, maybe just the princess...but I buy things that I don't need because I love them..usually it's make up, but I'm hoping that while I'm away the next 2 weeks I will be racking up the frivolous!!!! Love the bag!

  7. What an awesome bag!! I share the same weakness, my last frivolous purchase was a (small) Michael Kors bag, also on big sale.