Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rocky's First Christmas

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!
Hard to believe its over already! I had a wonderful weekend with my boys. Lou had 4 days off from work which were much needed for him. Rocky was pretty happy to have his buddy around everyday! He is stuck like glue to Lou. Follows him everywhere. I can see they already have a special bond.

Rocky's first Christmas was a good one. Here he is laying in the sun. All the fun must have been too much for him as you can see!

He just loves his bed and is content as long as he is near us. (well, mostly Lou) ;)

Despite the fact that Rocky and I were off to a rocky start (he was very appropriately named wasn't he?) we are getting along better these days. I have to say he did melt my heart just a wee bit when he came over and hopped in my lap last night. Maybe it was the heat from the wood stove or maybe it was just me . . .

Our holiday was quiet, just the three of us, a staycation of sorts. And for that I am grateful.


  1. I'm so happy you and Rocky have found some common ground. Knew it had to happen eventually. You story is oh so sweet. Glad you had a wonderfully quiet Christmas.

    Hope the new year brings equally wonderful things, Cathy.

  2. That Rocky is so adorable! :) That's how my smallest dog won the heart of my father. She jumped in his lap the first time she saw him. :) Can't beat that. :) Happy Holidays!

  3. OMG, that dog is the CUTEST!! No wonder he is stealing his way into your heart... I've been looking at your recent work - just beautiful!! I love those "messy flowers" you did!! And I'm glad to be back. I've sure missed you!! Love, Silke

  4. I just love Rocky! So glad he had a nice Christmas, hope you did too! :)

  5. Hi Cathy!!!!! What a wonderful first Christmas for Rocky!!! He is as cute as can be and your photos are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

  6. Cathy--that face--how can you not resist that face??!!
    I love that you're turning into a little family--it does take time.
    P.S. Did you sign up for the Life Book class or the Strathmore one?(that one is free)

  7. Rocky is absolutely adorable! It's instant love seeing his face. I'm happy he decided to adorn your lap - glad you enjoyed your holiday time. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year and I look forward to more of your beautiful art in 2012. xxoo

  8. AHHH the cutiest of cute. so HAPPY you had a quiet christmas, cathy. i love those in between ones like that amidst the wilder ones we all survive!
    i am still loving the colors you put together and the magic you perform with them. xoxo

  9. Aawww! Thank you for sharing these lovely pics of Rocky. I love them. Is that sepia? Glad to hear you are bonding with Rocky. I, too, had a quiet Christmas. I needed it though. I wanted to rest and recharge my batteries ;)
    Wishing you, Lou, and Rocky all the best for 2012!