Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Orange

Yay, I made it this week for Kim's texture tuesday challenge! lol This image I shot at the NY Botanical Gardens this past spring. And it is the only image that I have with orange which is the requirement for this weeks challenge. In processing I used Kim's "cracker jack" texture in soft light and multiply, then I added a layer of "serious magic" in screen mode which she recommends. That is a really cool texture as it is black when you first put it on and then in screen mode it gives all this white scratchy texture! Lastly I took down the saturation alot but was able to figure out how to erase that layer so the orange in my flower remained! Its the first time I tried that and was successful! lol

Here is the original image . . .

Don't forget to hop over to Kim's blog for all the great work being shared this week!
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  1. Love the texture you used here -- it makes the "orange" less of a bright orange and more of a rusted look that goes so well with the texture.

  2. I also love this great texture, Cathy!! Looks like a wintry day which brings the orange out...love it.! Interesting!

  3. this is also beautiful, I love you style! So much texture and colors so rich, I'm your newest follower,