Saturday, August 13, 2011

Beyond The Trees - New Photo Collage Finished!

For those of you who missed yesterday's post I shared the beginnings to this piece. I decided to go with the blue and raw umber color palette and I am very happy I did! I love how this piece turned out. It looks better in person as I still don't take good photos of my work and this 11x14 was too big to scan. lol

Here is the photo of how it began that I shared yesterday. And I did love what the black background did for my painting process.

I really was able to get in a zone for a bit and smear some paint around trying not to worry about what was happening. Here is part of the process below. I liked it at this point and debated going any farther. This is always the point where I fear ruining it! This canvas had 2 other 'paintings gone bad' on it but that gave great texture to the new painting!

That payne's gray is my fav. I love the shade of blue it becomes when mixed with titanium white! And the raw umber goes so nicely with it. And then there is stamping . . . my dogwood once again (love) and butterflies!

Beyond The Trees
mixed media on 11x14 wrapped canvas

Thanks to those who left a comment on yesterday's PPF post!! I so appreciated all the encouragement at the beginning stage of this piece!

Wishing you all a great day!!


  1. Love this! What a wonderful style you have developed. I have to get better at not being afraid to mix colors.

  2. It turned out so well - love the depth. I think there's something great about having older paintings underneath - a sort of prologue to your main story!

  3. Just a beautiful finished piece!! I think you may have found another avenue for your niche! :-)

  4. This is so beautiful Cathy!! You're combining two wonderful talents and creating amazing pieces!! Love them!

  5. Absolutely love this!
    After a long Winter, it feels very familiar.
    I really love the colours and tone.

  6. I've always been partial to Payne's Gray...must be why I love this one so much! :)