Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Be A Star . . . New Sketch!

"be the star you already are. . ."

Good morning friends! Well, its the second week in a row that I have slacked on Texture Tuesday. lol But I have been doing some sketching in its place!

I think I was inspired to do the side bun from my last 'she art' girl. I really went overboard on her eyes but I like them! As you know it is my favorite part to sketch. Sometimes I want to put eye makeup on my girls. And I obviously tried to on this girl! lol

The stars came to me after I had finished her and looked at her face. It almost feels as though she told me what she wanted. (weird, I know!) So I listened. I want to try and paint her. If I do I am seeing lots of blue. I would like to use a palette of only blues, even her hair.

Sometimes I jump all over the place. Who knows when I will get to painting her but I am trying not to worry about it and just create what speaks to me at the time. (I will let you know how that works out! lol)

Wishing you all a creative day!


  1. I love it!I enjoy sketching myself.Its usually female faces.

    Thanks for sharing!~~becky

  2. Great sketch Cathy! I love the eyes.

  3. Another great sketch Cathy! Love it!

  4. Her eyes were the first thing I noticed! Gorgeous - I love the light in them. Something I struggle to do with my girls' eyes...

    Oh, I am so glad it's not just me tries to put make-up on them!! xx

  5. Wow - look at those fabulous eyes and fantastic hair!

    I loved seeing the progress of your latest collage painting too... Beautiful!