Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Landscape . . . WIP

Despite the fact that I had a super hard time getting a good pic of this painting in progress I am excited to share it with you! This is the best shot of the twentysomething images I took. I am not sure what I was thinking starting this on a 16x20 canvas! All of that blank space to fill can be quite daunting!

I knew I wanted to use a limited palette of complimentary colors. I just love yellow and purple together. I am using dioxidine purple and cad yellow medium with some titanium white. The composition is from a personal photo. There are trees lining the path that you can't see from this image which are subject to change at any moment! lol

This has been sitting on my easel for a couple of weeks now. I am hoping to get back to it soon! That is if I can tear myself away from photoshop long enough! :)


  1. Good Mornin' Sweet Cathy! I Know Precisely What You're Talkin' Bout With Canvases That Have Been Waiting To Be Finished. I've Had A Few. LOL! Get Started On One ~ Then This New And More Wonderful Idea Pops Into Your Head And You're Suddenly Off On A New Adventure. Glad You've Returned To This One ~ I Too Love The Color Combination.

    I've Been Trying To Get Over Here All Week And I Had To Read Thru A Couple Of Your Previous Postings To Catch Up. Can I Just Say WOW!!! To The Somerset Article! Oh Cathy..I Just Knew Your Photography Would One Day Be Showcased For The World To See. It's Truly Sensational Work!!! And Hey..Just Remember Us When You Get Really Famous OKAY...LOL!

    Thanks For The Sweet Comment Regarding My Last Weeks Canvas. I Got Real Ambitious This Week And Pulled An Old Board From My Husband's Wood Shop. It Was Once The Top Of An Old Window Cornice And Really Long But Not So Wide. Had Some Real Fun With It.

    Just Like Yourself, I'm Leaning More Towards The Use Of A Limited Palette These Days. Haven't Concluded Why I'm Enjoying It So Much..But I'm Going With It Until It Loses It Magic. :))

    Closing For Now..Here's Wishing You And Your Sweet Husband A Glorious Weekend Ahead! Hugs Of Love And Georgia Sunshine, Terri

  2. hi cathy! i agree with you that a larger canvas landscape scares me too! you will do it, just keep painting. i love your use of color pallets.

    and yes, congrats again about the sommerset feature. i'm so proud of you! xo