Sunday, June 26, 2011

Her Heart Leads Her Home . . . First Fairy Sketch!

And Her Heart Always Leads Her Home . . .
6x8 graphite on paper

I have been doing alot of angel sketching but the other night I wanted to try and sketch a fairy. Here is my first try at it. I did the same style in the face as my angels with eyes closed. I just like it for my whimsy type art. (or I am too lazy to try and sketch the eyes that small! lol )

I love hearts. Many times I will incorporate them into my art. And this one was no exception especially since the words that popped into my head as I was working on her were about the heart! I had fun drawing in her curly hair!

My plan for her is to start a background and collage her on then color her in. Not sure of what colors I want yet but you know I always struggle with color palettes!

I also want to get my first collaged background started for Gritty Jane's class. So stay tuned for that!



  1. She is gorgeous Cathy! Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I can tell you had fun drawing her and I am looking forward to seeing what you do with the collage in the background and her color. She looks like a happy fairy!! Love, Silke