Thursday, June 23, 2011

My First Profile Sketch! Thanks Gritty Jane!!

graphite on 9x12 drawing paper

I was so excited to post this I almost had another blog on Wordless Wednesday! lol I sketched her yesterday and I cannot tell you how much I like her! I have been looking at her every chance I get. If I wasn't so embarrassed at my first attempt at profile sketching I would post it because it would be a hilarious before and after! My first go at it was before Gritty Jane. I will be yet another artist to sing her praises!

I signed up for her latest workshop Portraits and Papers after seeing so many of my bloggy friends create amazing work in her class. I was inspired! I am trying to be a good little student and follow the class lessons in order but I must tell you I am so wanting to skip ahead to the collage backgrounds!

Her step by step instructions for the profile sketch were amazing and easy for me to follow! This was my first attempt at it and I feel like it is the most realism I have had in any of my face sketching so far. I will be sure to share my experiences with this class as I continue on in the lessons (hopefully in order!).

If you get a chance I highly recommend this workshop!!

For more info click HERE!!

PS . . . Thanks for all the great comments on yesterdays horse image! Glad you liked it as much as I do! I added texture and then inverted the image in photoshop for a way cool effect!

See you soon!



  1. WOW! She's beautiful! Yep! I can see the realism. Good job!! :-]

  2. Really beautiful Cathy! So glad you're enjoying Jane's class. I, too, love your textural work with the photo of the horse - just awesome!

  3. This is an excellent portrait Cathy. I love the detail. I signed up for Jane's class the other day -- haven't started yet but plan to get underway this weekend!

  4. Oh Miss Cathy!!!! I'm So Impressed! EXCELLENT! E.X.C.E.L.L.E.N.T.

    What's Really Gonna Blow Your Mind Is When You Take Her To Canvas! I Too Have Been Raving About Jane's Workshop! And I Too Skipped Around Within the Lesson Plan. Could Hardly Wait To Get To The Nitty Gritty.

    Hope You Plan To Take Your Beautiful Profile To The Easel Once You've Prepped Your Substrait. I've Been Using Oils On Mine. Acrylics Dry So Quickly..And I Like Going Back Into A Piece And Need The Wet On Wet Capability For Blending. Just Wanted You To Know If You'd Prefer A Different Medium. Don't Forget To Gesso First If You Decide On Oils...

    And Hey..I'm Still So Excited About My Upcoming Etsy Arrivals. I'm Thinking Of Having Them Matted And Framed To Hang In My Guest Room. Love & Sunshine, Terri

  5. Beautiful sketch!!! Brava!!!

    A hug!

  6. wonderful, cathy. and hey, why are you being a good little student, anyway? you are making me look bad! hee hee. i will take no responsibility for jumping through and doing page 5 rather than the first's your fault for following the rules! not jump ahead and make me feel better!

    love you girl! oh, take a look on fb. i just posted my painting as an ornament that i soldered all collagey fun. i am covering my tree eventually with my artwork!

  7. She is wonderful, Cathy, a strong and beautiful woman!! Oh, I'm itching to take her class, but I'm going to wait until I know how busy, busy my new drawing class is going to keep me all summer. If it's not too bad, I might sign up for this as well. I love her art!! So much to do, and so much fun!!! Much love, Silke

  8. Wow..sooo wonderful..she has a beautiful and strong presence to this one...fabulous work Cathy...! I haven't stopped here for a long happy I did..wonderful work as ever! Shine on!!

  9. You just get better and better Cathy, love her! I'm in the class too but way behind...
    Wishing you a happy creative weekend my friend!