Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scenes From My Saturday At Botanical Gardens And Gallery News!

Hello my lovely friends!! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! I was excited to put this post together and share with you some images I shot yesterday at the botanical gardens. Hubby came with me despite his horrible allergies although looking back, probably not the best idea. He sneezed his way through the 2 hours we were there.

It had rained Friday night so there was lots of pretty dew drops to be scene on the flowers! I have always wanted to capture that in a photo. The above shot was taken in the new Azalea Gardens that just opened a few weeks ago. I love azaleas so I was excited to see the new gardens.
This is a beautiful lily that I got super close to! Can you tell I love macro photography?!

Not sure what this one is above but I wanted to get a close up! I have a macro lens on my wish list!

This little bridge was in the azalea garden. So peaceful to walk through! When we got home I realized I took 90 photos! I had no idea I had shot that many! But that is what happens when I am in the zone. I loose all track of time and what I am doing.

This post will be a 2 parter! Lots more to share!

Oh, and in other news I sold 4/6 of my photos at the patient art show! I will be donating the other 2 to the hospital.

And check out my artist friend Kelly Berkey's blog today as she is sharing lots of beautiful art from her trip to the Gallery Off Broadway! You will see a few photos of my art on display! And they are still looking for artists to represent. You can check out that post HERE!


  1. First off, Congratulations on the success of the Gallery showing!!! :-] How great that is, to have such instant confirmation that you do good work! And you 'do' do good work!!...And WOW! these photos are beautiful! I love the flowers...of course!...but I also love the little bridge photo!...Okay, gotta head over to Kelly's blog. Have a good Sunday! :-)

  2. BEAUTIFUL photos!! What a wonderful day for you both (allergies and all :-(
    And much congratulations on your gallery sales!

  3. A magnific botanic garden!
    But I understand your husband, I am also allergic!!:-)

    A hug!

  4. So lovely, vibrant and beautiful to see!

  5. My husband sneezed all day today and that was in our backyard. Great photos Cathy.

  6. Wow, Cathy, those photos are beautiful!! I always love that our flowers bloom so very early, but that also means they are done so much sooner. We are full on into our summer garden and it's not even summer yet. Sure feels like it though - 90 degrees at noon today! Much love, Silke