Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happily Back To Black And White!

Angels Bring Love
mixed media on 6x8 flat canvas board

Hi my lovely friends! Thought you would enjoy seeing some new black and white work! I hadn't done one of these pieces in a long time so it felt good to get back to it! I was inspired by my angel photo. This time I added a new love stamp over the photo after I sanded and inked it up! I also bought my first box of crayola's since childhood and broke those out to use for shading! They worked well on the matte photo paper.

The words popped into my head as I was working on the background. I quickly wrote it down on whatever paper I could find because in the past I have had moments like that lost thinking I would remember the words later.

Now I have to get back to another one I am working on today with my farmhouse photo! The photo is altered, glued, and now ready for some landscape sketching! I will share that with you all soon!

Hope you are all enjoying some creative time today! xo


  1. Ahh...the simplicity of black and white. I adore this angel and the layers you have created. Beautiful...

  2. Beautiful! The angel is perfect.

  3. Hi Cathy!!!! love your black and white work!!!! this looks great with the layers!!!

  4. So beautiful, Cathy. I especially love the angel! Happy Saturday! xo Diane