Friday, October 12, 2012

My Breast Cancer Story . . .

In honor of breast cancer awareness month my friend and fellow survivor Sherry over at "Finding the Fierce"  interviewed me about my experience going through breast cancer treatment as a young widow.  I am now an 11 year survivor and was so pleased to have the opportunity to share my story.  

Click HERE to stop by Sherry's blog and check it out!  There is also a book giveaway involved!  If you would like the chance to win a copy of my memoir "Breastless in the City" do check out the interview post over at Sherry's!  



  1. It was such a privilege to welcome you to my blog Cathy so that your story could be heard by others -- you inspire on so many levels. Thanks again for agreeing to be interviewed! xo

  2. I'll go read your interview right now, Cathy!

  3. Your interview with Sherry truly inspired and touched my heart. To then have won your book was nothing short of a gift from heaven ~ thank you so much!