Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eye Of The Storm . . .

"the eye of the storm"
"mixed media on 9x12 watercolor paper"

I am happy to be back online tonite and have power at home.  More than that I am grateful that everyone I love is safe.  Hurricane Sandy devastated NY as well as most of the east coast.  Part of the city I love is under water.  A close friend of mine is homeless as the house she was renting across from the Hudson River was destroyed by the storm.  

Its times like these when you realize just how lucky you are and just how much we take for granted.  You realize what is most important.  And then you can't help but wonder . . . why was I spared?  Luckily we only lost power for 3 days and thankfully we have a generator.  I was able to keep in touch with people via my iPhone on facebook and texting.  

What I was surprised at was how much painting I did over the past few days.  Maybe it was the anxiety over the storm.  I suppose I was inspired by a hurricane.  The piece above appears to be kind of evidence of that to me.  

I used watercolor crayons, gesso, and my hands to create it.  Messy as it is oddly enough this piece is the type of art I long to create.   It just spilled out of me onto the paper and I loved every minute of creating it.   

My heart goes out to those suffering from this horrific storm.  I hope my dear blog friends that all of you are safe . . .


  1. When I read the title to your post, I didn't really expect an actual eye. It is a very intense painting, but like you said, the whole event was very intense.
    I'm glad you are fine, safe, and sound.

  2. I am so pleased that the intensity of the storm seems to have abated for you, Cathy. Such a beautiful painting from what must have been a scary, scary time for you xx

  3. Hi Cathy! This piece is gorgeous! So are your Art Gallery Tour pieces. Thank you so much for joining the tour...and I happy to hear that your power is back up.. all of us on the west are hoping that things get back to normal soon for you all.

  4. such wonderful artwork showcased today on the Art Gallery Tour. sending you warm wishes.