Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Arm Update and A Landscape . . .

I don't know about you but things out in the universe feel unsettled to me.  I have always been very intuitive and more so lately.  The energy feels weird.  And when I feel this way it makes me anxious.  It seems like alot of people around me are going through tough stuff and I know that kind of stuff happens all the time but lately it seems as though its all at once.  I am having lots of trouble keeping myself in the moment.  

My arm saga continues.  I went to the doctor yesterday to have her check my incision site.  For the past few days it has been getting red and I felt a lump forming.  I have never been a good healer from scars but this redness worried me.  Its not looking as good as it had last week.  So she said it was ok, just a bit inflamed.  The lump apparently is scar tissue.  I was shocked to hear that it would be forming so fast.  The stitches just came out 2 weeks ago.  I am now 4 weeks post surgery.  Anyway she said if there is any pain that develops to come in otherwise I will go back in 3 weeks for her to see how it is progressing.  So needless to say my anxiety is increasing with regards to that situation.  

In the meanwhile I have been watching a new DVD by artist David Dunlop.  He is an amazing landscape painter and I love the technique he uses.  Very different than how I have painted landscape before. He does mostly oil painting but he had a lesson dvd on acrylics.   I am following along with the lesson painting the same scene as he in the same color palette.  I feel like it is the best way for me to learn.  This piece started out with a textured background using alizarin crimson and ultramarine blue.  A new color for me is cerulean blue which I have used for the sky.  I really am liking the color and see me using in in other abstract pieces.  

I was reminded how much more difficult it is for me to paint something this structured after doing so much abstract mixed media.  I am not sure how far I will go with this as I got pretty frustrated.  lol  The perfectionist in me goes to town and it isn't good!  If I continue with this piece I will be sure to post its progress. 

Hope you have been up to lots of good things!


  1. I am loving all of the different things you are doing these days - your dvd sounds intriguing :)
    (The latest "scribbles" are really cool too!)

    So, did you take the short hair leap yet? I have a pixie cut and have to say that there is nothing better than being able to wash and go!

    Sending healing thoughts your way (so glad everything is okay)!


  2. Cathy, this is beautiful!! I hope you keep going with it, and I hope your healing improves in time--nothing more fustrating...

  3. Sending you healing and love.
    Have you tried swimming for your arm? Getting the movement in it may be helpful.

  4. Do you like the style of teaching in those DVDs? I'll have to check them out. I love your scribble paintings. I have a hard time being super "free" with my art.