Monday, April 11, 2011

More Fun With Photo Texture And A Blog Feature!

"City Traffic"
NYC, 2010

Thanks for all the amazing comments on my last post! It was so much fun! This weekend I spent some time printing my photos and framing them for the art exhibit. Since they are all black and white/sepia I went with simple black frames. As you can see I had more fun altering a few photos! Addicting!! "City Traffic" was shot on the corner of Park Ave. and 42nd Street at dusk, altered with sepia, texture, and blurring. I really love this one with the texture!

"View From The Top of the Met"
NYC, 2010

The above image was altered with texture and I lightened the hue to make it look more aged.

"Wishing Well"
Our yard, 2009

For this photo of the well I used a yellow toned texture, sepia tone, and blurring. I think the blurring gives it a dreamy quality don't you?

Hope you are enjoying these! I cannot promise that I will be able to stop posting these anytime soon! lol

Oh, and in other news I was excited that one of the first mixed media pieces I incorporated a photo into was featured on the Creative Catalyst Productions blog! You can read the post HERE!


  1. Well how cool was THAT to be featured on the Creative Catalyst??!!!
    i love these photos and I too signed up for the mini-course...watched the Textures in ten (but for me I'm pretty sure that means ten DAYS! LOL!!!) and am absolutely thrilled with what you're doing with the photos.
    They were excellent composition-wise in the first place, which makes adding layers and effects easier. Excellent is still excellent....


  2. congrats on your shout out and i'm loving what you did with these photos. i'm so excited for your exhibition!! xo

  3. I love these Cathy--the well is my absolute favorite!

  4. Thank you for letting us post your work!

  5. Hi, O love very much your photograph with the title "City traffic". Can I publish on my facebook? Of course i will mention that is your and the blog.