Thursday, March 3, 2011

Progression of a Landscape Painting

I am excited to share the landscape I spoke of in Tuesday's post that I had been working on a for a good friend of mine. It was a special photo of his that I was so struck by when I saw it that I wanted to paint it for him. I hadn't done a landscape in quite awhile but this has renewed my love for the process of landscape painting! It is where I began before discovering mixed media.

The above photo shows the first layer of color that I put down pretty quickly. I did an initial sketch so I would know where to add the lights and darks. I used a combo of ultramarine blue and burnt sienna for a neutral grayish tone along with some acrylic glaze medium to keep the paint moving. I tried to mimic some of the texture of the landscape as I laid down the color. And then I used a rag to wipe out the tiny bit of sky at the top, the path and the sidewall area on the left. You can probably still see some of my sketch with the tree limbs and a person on the path.

Then I began adding another layer of color this time with lots of green, yellows, and orange. I am now also going from dark to light to establish perspective. I must admit I had difficulty with the curved wall on the right side! I tried to work with shades of light and dark to bump it up.

Here is the finished painting! I really like what the yellow does for the gray of the path. It is a nice contrast and the yellow just pops! The person I didn't like initially and almost took it out at the end! But it is a crucial piece to the initial photo that I needed to leave it in.

I saw him Tuesday nite for dinner and surprised him with the painting. He loved it! And it made my heart so happy that I was able to recreate this scene for him in a painting that will hang on a wall in his home!


  1. Ooh Cathy this is beautiful! Good for you stretching all the boundaries, you seem to have tried so many techniques, styles and subjects lately and all of them are just brill! What a girl eh?!

    Ro xx

  2. OMG...this is amazing Cathy. I love seeing the different stages. I also love that lonely sould walking down the street. Gorgeous work!

  3. I love it! Love the way you used the colors and shading in the trees, and love that the person is in the painting...heading somewhere...just like you! :-)

  4. Cathy! Oh how I love this! It was wonderful to see it from your beginning to its completion! What a special gift to give to your friend.It's so beautiful! xxoo

  5. Not surprised he loved it!
    What wonderful memories he will have when he looks at your gorgeous painting. Bravo! xx

  6. WoW Cathy! Thank You For Sharing This Gorgeous Composition! Truly A Special Gift To Your Friend! For Some Reason I'm Suddenly Drawn To Landscapes..And While I've Completed A Few In My Day, I Think Now That Spring Is Approaching I Might Try And Do Another. Thanks For The Beautiful Inspiration! Hugs, Terri

  7. oh my heavens Cathy!!!! this is gorgeous!!! I love it.....what a wonderful piece....I just got my Father a whole bunch of amazing art supplies ....he is starting to paint some landscapes!!! love this!!!