Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow Angel . . . New Abstract

"Snow Angel"
acrylic glazes on 5x5 inch birch wood
prints available on etsy

This was hubby's idea. The other night he told me I should paint a snow angel for one of my glazed abstracts. Those are his favorite paintings of mine. Typically I have been going to the canvas and just letting images appear. But for this one I did a light sketch on the gessoed wood and used a glaze of payne's gray around the outside of the angel. I used paper towel to wipe away any gray that got on the angel image which ended up being the scratch marks you see on the wings and above the head. I added some charcoal pencil at the end to shade and outline the angel details.

Although I sketched the image on this one I do see two other images in the top left and top right which for me looks like more angels! Do you see them?


  1. Hello Cathy! I am so glad we found each other! Thank you for your words, I loved your winter photography, you got a special eye for capturing beauty!
    Happy new year!

  2. oh wow Cathy!!!! this is beautiful and reminds me of the times we made snow angels in our yard....wonderful work as the abstracts!!!!

  3. Gorgeous Cathy...I love this..very symbolic and lovely to gaze at and reflect on...beautiful!! Shine on!!

  4. I love it Cathy. I'm also looking at your beautiful paintings on the sidebar and you have really blossomed since your started painting. Way to go!!

  5. Hubby has a good vision. Your snow angel is beautiful. I do see the left and right flying angels. Happy painting...

  6. I do see the other angels. Amazing - like guardians.

    Loving this angel painting! Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments, Cathy! I am so lucky to have you supporting me. :) ♥

  7. Yes, I do see them--beautiful painting!

  8. I love your snow angels! What a hauntingly beautiful painting!

  9. Very pretty Cathy! You've been busy. :)
    Congrats on Bosco's etsy popularity, he is
    so cute!