Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Night Sketching

First a big thanks to all of you for the sweet comments and well wishes! I am feeling much better although I still don't feel like I am back in an art groove. Haven't done much but tonite I sketched this lovely girl! I did some waves in the hair this time but swept to the other side. I know, not much variation from my last one but she is so different! And on this one I spent alot of time on the nose. The nose has been tough for me especially as I strive for realism in my latest sketches. I can see improvement since my last post. I also had fun with the lashes.

I hope to get back to more art soon. The sketching though I can just pick up anywhere, just paper and a pencil. So simple and yet can express so much.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. She is very pretty. You are improving with every sketch.

  2. Very pretty!...And I love those eyelashes! :-)

  3. Isn't she lovely!! Very nice work, Cathy!

  4. Noses are one of the most difficult facial features to draw accurately, next to ears. I used to HATE trying to paint a nose that looked like the subject I was working on. Eyes and mouth, no problem. But noses.....urgh!
    Have fun...they get better!


  5. I agree, noses are hard! But isn't it fun just sketching and playing? I wish I'd take more time to play in my sketch book again. I'm going to make it a priority!
    Hope you're feeling better, sorry to hear you haven't been well :(
    Have a wonderful week Cathy!

  6. Dear Cathy, I am so happy you are feeling better and are sketching again. I am so impressed with your sketches!! won the painting in my givewaway!!! Congrats!! Love, Silke

  7. Ooh I love her very extroverted-expressive energy..the one eye totally captivates me..she conjures much energy and personal-power and beauty!! She is like a beautiful super hero!