Friday, December 3, 2010

NYC . . . New Abstract Mixed Media

abstract mixed media on 8x10 canvas board

First a big thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's post! I am constantly amazed at the encouraging and positive community I have found via this art blog. I am beyond excited to hear that you loved my first abstract mixed media!

So on to another one! I started this one last nite on a board that I messed up a couple of months ago attempting something abstract. I already had payne's gray and some tissue paper for texture. I thought it would make a good starting point for this piece. I had in my head that I wanted to use some of my NYC photos. Although I used the same color palette I felt like these pics needed a darker grungy feel. The water drips were a last thought. And I scratched in the letters through a glaze of paynes gray. As I finish my second one I wonder where I would be without acrylic glazing liquid!! Love this stuff! So important for blending!

When I first got started this morning with this piece I had a panic moment where I thought it was coming out all wrong. I thought it was awful. But instead of quitting I pushed forward and I am so glad I did!

PS . . . If you get a chance check out Kolleen's great blog Heart Wing Sisters. She has started a weekly series called "I am better for it" where you can share your personal story to inspire others and I decided to share mine. You can check it out HERE!


  1. WHOA girl, these are fantabulous!!! WONDERFUL pieces all. i love how you encorpoated the photos, blending all together. very special works!!!

  2. Yes, I love how you incorporated the photos in this piece--well done!

  3. Cathy, The photos of New York are some of my favorites of yours and they look fabulous in this new piece!!!! I think you have the hang of this left brain thing now...or is it right brain?! ^_^ I went over and read the 'Better for it' story too. I feel like I really know you better now. You've been through a lot 'Brave Girl'!!

  4. cathy, i love the color pallet and edginess of this painting...very cool. i am starting to learn to embrace the 'ugly' part of painting because when you pass that point and the beauty comes out, it's all the more exciting!! love ya lady!! xo

  5. Hi Cathy. I love the color and the title NYC I like very much. We all have that moment where we call our paintings "ugly" and then hopefully something happens where ugly turns into "really nice" like your work above. Have a great weekend.