Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Abstract Painting . . . Playing With Texture!

abstract mixed media on 9x12 canvas board

Here is a new abstract I couldn't wait to share! I really love how it came out! I pushed forward through the uglies and it payed off! It is so exciting to see what it becomes after that first layer is put down.

I used glazes of alizarin crimson and payne's gray. Light molding paste (love this stuff!) and tissue paper were used for texture. The paper collaged on is a piece of scrap paper with stamping on it. I hated the first layer of crimson glaze! But I tried to ignore it and push onward! I also added titanium and zinc white to lighten up the gray in some areas. I am learning how important glazing is to be able to allow your previous layers to come through.

And best of all . . . I didn't over analyze with this one! I tried to let go and have fun! I know it won't always be that way but it would be really nice if it did!

Can I tell you how much I love payne's gray?!


  1. Another great piece! I'm loving your abstract that include words and photos!! These colors are gorgeous too. Sorry that I don't have a clue what payne's gray is, but considering what it's producing...I'm glad you love it!! ^_^

  2. Awesome Cathy! Brilliant piece..the textures add beauty and mystery and a sense of history and there us such a nice flow to this feels full of harmony too !It is elegant and masculine too! Love it!
    Yay me too..Love payne's has to be one fo my faves!!

  3. Oh beautiful! I just love the colours and the effect glaze has!

  4. this is beautiful! thanks for sharing your technique this is something i have always wondered how to do! again BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Oh wow Cathy!!!!!! This is a wonderful new piece......the texture is perfect and I love the tones of this piece...

    I watch TV in our bedroom late at night time to unwind.......

    Have a wonderful night!

  6. oooh, this is so rich and a true beauty!

  7. I love it Cathy, it's so fun to see what you're up to!

  8. i love it cathy! sorry i didn't get back to you by is busy and i'm still under the weather...just loving watching you spread your wings and soar. you are trying new things, selling your are making your life beautiful. i'm so happy to have you as my blogger friend!

  9. Cathy this piece is beautiful, it has a magical quality to it!! You can see you enjoyed making this one, it's in the soul of the painting, beautiful!! xx

  10. I wish I could touch this! It's wonderful and your art is evolving. Beautiful and Payne's Gray is my absolute favorite! xxoo

  11. i'm loving how
    free you are
    flying now...
    wings through
    texture & layer
    & color!

  12. OOOOhhh lovely Cathy I want to just let go and do what you did! The colours are so warm and they are my favourites!!!
    Xxxx Manon

  13. Cathy, the colors are indeed beautiful. Great work. By the way, the One World One Heart (owoh) even will be happening soon. Try to join up, it's a lot of fun and we meet a lot of people. I just posted about it, stop by. Take care and keep up the good work.