Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back to Some Sketching . . .

I sketched her the other night. I really like sketching the eyes more realistic style. I changed her hair around a few times and landed with this.

Yesterday my husband told me that this sketch looks like his mom in her younger days. I never met her. She died just before we met. I have seen pictures of her though and she was beautiful.

I don't see her when I look at this but I am glad that he does. Maybe it brings him a bit of comfort.

Maybe she helped me bring this face to life . . .


  1. Gorgeous drawing Cathy! Doesn't it make you feel good that your hubby sees someone he knows in it? That's what we strive for.

  2. lovely sketch..
    & isn't it fascinating
    how our creations
    w/our deep, deep lives?!

  3. Wonderful sketch and it is great that your DH sees someone he loves in it.

  4. She takes my breath away Cathy! Love it... especially the make them come alive. I think it's wonderful that your husband sees a connection with it. Hugs. :)

  5. she is lovely! you've done a great job on her expressive eyes. Glad your husband feels a connection to it

  6. Beautiful! You really have a talent for drawing the most gorgeous eyes! Just wonderful!!! Love, Silke

  7. WOW! Her eyes really are beautiful! You're becoming somewhat of an eye officianado!! ^_^