Friday, June 7, 2013

Love Never Dies . . .

"love never dies"
mixed media on 20x24 canvas

I am in love with this painting!  I have to say that it is my personal favorite of anything I have done thus far.  I used a limited palette of just black and white with some red.  There are a couple of other undone paintings underneath.  I just didnt like what was happening so I gessoed over it and started new.  

Here is the first new layer done with just foam brushes . . . 

I thought I would have trouble with all the space but I am getting used to painting larger.  I used mostly foam brushes and a palette knife.  My favorite part was adding the white drizzles!  

The words always seem to come to me as I paint.  And these words fit the piece perfectly.  Last night Lou hung it up on the wall in our living room.  It will be making its way to my etsy shop soon.  

I am sharing this piece over at Paint Party Friday.  Its always a great time over there!  

I am already planning another black and white piece similar to this except I am thinking a burst of yellow hearts this time!  I do love some yellow with grey. 

Now its time for some ice cream!  lol  
(seriously though, when is it NOT time for ice cream??)



  1. Quite a dramatic piece, love the bold use of color. Happy PPF

  2. such a beautiful painting, and very true quote. Love the splash of colour ....

  3. Love how the red sort of emerges in a heart. Wonderful loose composition.

  4. Wonderful! Full of energy and emotion. I love those almost abstract pieces of yours!! xoxo Silke

  5. Yes I too love this as a favorite of yours!! Nice message too!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. I LOVE IT TOO! Exciting piece. Great movement! Flow! I'd stop and look at it on the wall in a gallery for a while!

  7. You are so talented! I love your gestural mark-making, Cathy, and that achromatic palette with the bit of red.
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  8. This piece is absolutely gorgeous. I wish I could do abstract. Love it, excellent job!


  9. So rich and striking, love this!! HPPF!

  10. Wonderful energy in this painting! The limited palette makes it all the more dynamic! Great work:)

  11. Nice. Black and white is so dramatic.