Saturday, June 1, 2013

Anniversaries . . .

Our Wedding 
May 31, 2003

10 years seemed to fly by in a flash.  Lots of love, lots of loss, but through it all what was constant always was our love. 

Love is something that never dies, it transcends time and space, it lives on forever.  

This photo was my gift to Lou for our 10th wedding anniversary.  The lyrics are from our wedding song "At Last" by Etta James.  Always loved that song.  I found a nice antique looking pewter frame for it as 10 years is tin, pewter or aluminum.  I love to create my own gifts and had fun working on this image.  

Lou surprised me with concert tickets to see New Kids on the Block who are touring with Boys to Men and 98 Degrees.  I was in old school glory last night!!  Now I know for sure he really loves me . . . he sat through a boy band concert!! lol  

Yesterday also marked my 12th year cancer free!  Now if I could just let go of the fear I would be all good!   There is just no time for it anymore.  I am still working on it everyday.   



  1. Happy Anniversary!! :-) ... And congrats on year 12 too! Woohoo!!

  2. What a beautiful gift you created for Lou -- a continuation and a commemoration of your love...and for him to sit through a boy band concert? Oh yes my dear, that IS love!!! Happy love anniversary to the two of you -- and happy cancer free anniversary. Perhaps accepting the fear as part of the know, keep your friends close but your enemies closer...just saying "I accept you fear" and then getting on with the business of life -- might make it seem less ominous? Worth a try, right? xoxox

  3. Happy Anniversary and on being cancer free! The gifts you gave each other are wonderful.