Monday, November 1, 2010

Butterflies at the Bronx Zoo!!

Thanks for all your great comments on my last post! As promised here is part 2! I took these photos in the Butterfly House at the zoo. It was like a greenhouse for butterflies. When we walked in it was light and bright and they were all flying everywhere! One even landed on my hubby's arm! I wish I knew the names of each butterfly.

This one above is my favorite for sure. I love the black and sage colors! I may paint this one!

This one was drinking something. Maybe some fruit juice?

These guys are just enjoying some melon!

I also loved the color of this little one. Much smaller than the others.

Their colors are so vibrant and pretty. I didn't want to leave! I will for sure make another visit to the butterfly house next time we go to the zoo!


  1. These butterflies are gorgeous, I do not know the names though!
    Cathy Brava great post!


  2. Oh, I love butterflies! Great job on the photos!

  3. These are gorgeous butterflies. I visited the butterfly garden in Victoria, BC and would love to go back. They are such beautiful insects.

  4. i love these sooooo much!
    isn't it the best to be in
    a house of butterflies?!!!
    looove to you! xo

  5. Right near me in South Deerfield Massachusetts is the magic Wings Butterfly museum. It's open year round and I just love that place!! I've been there a few times with different friends and my hubby. Those little butterflies are mesmerizing!

    I LOVE the photos you took and I look forward to seeing your painting when you do it! Very nice post! :-)

  6. I love butterflies too. I love them in my garden and we do get quite a mixture. I think the photos you took are great and would make excellent paintings. Take care and happy new November month to you.

  7. Beautiful photographs, so pretty, I love butterflies!!

  8. These photos are beautiful! Great for some creative inspiration!

  9. wow! these are gorgeous! makes me want to paint butterflies or at least use some of those beautiful patterns and color combos somewhere!

    thank you so much for the inspiration!!!

    xo, juliette

  10. Oh, you know how I love butterflies and these are just gorgeous!! Thank you for being my inspiration this morning... Love, Silke

  11. would love to have this butterfly in my collection cathy!!!