Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seascape Painting on Cardboard . . . 5 years in the making

"Stormy Sea"  
acrylic on 10x10 cardboard

 Continuing on with my love of cardboard I gesso a piece of 10x10 board.  Using only a palette knife and sponge brush I completed the above piece.  The key to landscape painting for me is to really not think as I go along.  Once the thinking starts, analyzing begins and its over.  I try to get into the moment and let the paint lead me.  Not an easy task for me at all.  Probably why you dont see too much landscape on my blog.  

I wanted to share a painting I found the other day of my very first attempt at landscape painting from way back in 2010.  It is actually what inspired me to try a new one.  I was curious to see how far I have come as an artist.  

I like both however I can see how much looser my work is in the new painting.  I am hoping to continue with some landscape and see where I take it.  

If you are interested in landscape painting check out David Dunlop.  He is an amazing landscape painter and has some free videos on youtube.  His approach is very loose and free.  His work is stunning!  

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